Craft That Party: Bowling Lanes Birthday Party and DIY Marquee Bowling Sign

Friday, January 13, 2017

Bowling Lanes Birthday Party and DIY Marquee Bowling Sign

Ready, set, BOWL your way to birthday fun with the brand new bowling lanes collection from Shindigz! There are so many great party pieces that coordinate with this collection- be sure to check them all out to see what best fits your party needs.

Set the mood by setting the table. I really love these personalized place mats. Each guest has their own place to sit at the table with a matching plate, personalized bowling cup, party hat, and coordinating wood cutlery.

I like to keep desserts simple for bowling parties since kids are on the go playing and bowling for most of the party. For a fun bowling snack, make chocolate bowling balls by adding three white chocolate chips to store bought Little Debbie cocoa cremes. So easy to make and always a big hit with the kids!

Party hats can also be personalized with the name and age of the guest of honor.

How cute are these bowling themed lollipops?!! You can either serve them as party treats or send them home as party favors.

Speaking of favors, kids took home their bowling pin water bottles and a "bowling bag" favor box filled with bowling themed lollipops, mini bowling game, and mini magic 8 ball.  I customized the front of the favor boxes with 4" bowling lanes stickers.

Since our birthday boy is turning 8, how great are these "Magic 8" Balls? They not only have his age on them but also look like mini bowling balls!

To make these mini bowling sets even cuter, I took them out of their original packaging and put them inside these clear plastic candy tubes. The plastic candy tubes even come with a personalized sticker for the front. Parents will thank you for solving the problem of where to store all these little bowling pieces so none get lost!

I created this DIY Marquee STRIKE sign for above the dessert table by using 12" x 1" styrofoam letters. It was a great way to add a "wow" factor to the dessert table without spending a lot of money. 

How To Make Your Own Marquee Bowling Sign

Materials Needed: 

Water base acrylic black paint, foam paint brush, 1" circle punch, white paper, Glue stick, hot glue gun, large piece of cardboard, and red spray paint. 


1. Paint styrofoam letters black with foam brush. Let dry completely. 
2. Punch out white circles using a 1" circle punch and use glue stick to attach circles to letters. 
3. Cut cardboard to desired shape and size. Spray paint red in a well ventilated area and allow to dry completely. 
4. Attach styrofoam letters to cardboard with a hot glue gun. 

Hope this bowling party is right up your alley 
and strikes some inspiration for your next celebration!

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