Craft That Party: Star Wars Rebels Ice Cream Party

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Ice Cream Party

Star Wars Rebels makes a terrific birthday party theme for all fans of Star Wars. Set between the events of Episode III and Episode IV, this Disney XD spin off television show brings back some of the most evil villains from the Empire as well as introducing us to new heroic characters from the Rebellion. My son is a huge fan of this show. He decided at least 6 months before his birthday that this would be his theme and it must include a real lightsaber battle! 

I created a simple custom backdrop for my dessert table. To recreate this look, attach a space blast tablecloth to a large piece of foam board. Next, cut apart the letters of the Star Wars Rebels Jumbo banner kit and attach each letter individually on the board using double sided tape or glue dots. I placed a life size cardboard cutout of a Stormtrooper and Ezra at each end of the table for dramatic effect. 

I enjoy implementing my children's favorite toys into their parties. My son is obsessed with his Inquisitor Double lightsaber, so I used that as the focal point of the dessert table. I simply attached it with tape to the front of a white cake plate. 

My son has a summer birthday and requested ice cream rather than a cake this year. We took ice cream to a new level by creating an ice cream toppings bar! I printed free Star Wars Rebel stickers from the Rebel Resistance Kit on the site and used the stickers as labels for our ice cream toppings.  We created a different topping for each character. For example, we used red cherries for the Inquisitor, green sixlets for Hera, and chopped up Oreos for Chopper. 

I include my children in as much of the birthday party prep work as possible. My boys loved making Tie Fighters as a special topping for the ice cream bar. 

To make your own Tie Fighter treats, you will only need 3 ingredients, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and Oreo 100 Crisps. Dip one end of your marshmallow in melted chocolate and attach to one Oreo crisp. Repeat this step with the other end of the marshmallow. Allow 10-15 minutes for the chocolate to harden. They are not only delicious, but look just like Tie Fighters!

To create my own ice cream cups, I printed and attached Stormtrooper heads to black treat cups. A great party tip and time saver (that I thought of too late to actually do myself) is to scoop the ice cream into the cups ahead of time and place in the freezer. Pull out the pre-scooped cups when you are ready and serve!

Linda of Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design created these fabulous Rebel and Stormtrooper cookies for me. They were a huge hit with the kids. 

I placed Star Wars Rebels stickers on store bought cupcakes and added a black and white striped cupcake wrapper to customize the cupcakes to fit our theme. 

We wrapped spoons in green napkins and attached black paper around the bottom to look like lightsabers. My boys added details to the lightsaber handles using chalkboard markers. 

A Large R2D2 air walker balloon and jumbo Darth Vader balloon were a fun way to make a big entrance to any party!

As I mentioned in the beginning, my son wanted to do a real lightsaber battle. I had to think of a safer alternative to this request and found a tutorial online for DIY lightsabers using pool noodles. These were easy and inexpensive to make.

For outdoor activities, we created an Intergalatic Obstacle course with challenges such as "ring around the lightsaber", lightsaber javelin toss, "defeat the Stormtroopers" relay race, and of course a lightsaber battle. The kids were excited to take home their lightsaber as well as a treat bag full of of Star Wars Rebels goodies. 

Party Vendor Credits:
Disney Rebels Printable Stickers: Disney XD

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