Craft That Party: Family Movie Night with The Boxtrolls

Monday, January 26, 2015

Family Movie Night with The Boxtrolls

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My family calls every Friday,  fun Friday. We love celebrating the end of the school/work week with a family dinner and activity. Our Friday night plans range from board games, to Dance Wii competitions, and occasional trips for ice cream. My personal favorite family time involves the four of us curling up under blankets and watching movies together. It is the perfect way to wind down from a long, busy week.

My kids were bummed that we missed seeing The Boxtrolls in the movie theater. Luckily, The Boxtrolls came out on DVD this week so I ran over to Walmart to pick up the movie and a 10 count box of homestyle Pop Secret. We went all out and created our own Boxtroll popcorn boxes and designed our own fancy white hats for our family movie night.

Materials Needed:

empty cereal boxes
paper bags
sticker paper or card stock


1. Remember in middle school how we covered all our school books with paper bags? Well, do this, only cover the cereal box instead. Don't forget to pull off the handles of your bag.

2. Your cereal box should look like this

3. Print your favorite Boxtroll character's graphics here and glue to the front of your popcorn box. Fill boxes with Pop Secret popcorn and enjoy the movie! I also put out some brie because the main characters are obsessed with cheese ("Prepare to say bye bye to your brie, cheerio to your cheddar...").

Next, we designed our own fancy white hats. Everyone in the movie covets the fancy white hats!

I drew large hats on white card stock paper. The kids designed their own fancy white hats. We cut the hats out and taped paper straws to the back.

Grab some Pop Secret popcorn and The Boxtrolls DVD while supplies last at Walmart and make your own family memories!

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