Craft That Party: Craft It: Duck Tape Halloween Hostess Gift

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft It: Duck Tape Halloween Hostess Gift

I'm Jenny, from Craft That Party and I've teamed up with and Duck Tape to show you how this craftista gets ready for Halloween! I often bring wine as a hostess gift when we are invited to parties. Here is a quick & easy way to spooktify a bottle of wine using Duck Tape!

Bottle of wine
Halloween Duck Tape
Black Ribbon

Cut three pieces of Duck Tape to fit the bottle. Wrap each piece of tape around the wine bottle, smooth out any bumps with your finger. Cut a smaller piece of Duck Tape for the cap. Cover cap and sides with tape. Add decorative bow on top if desired.

p.s. This Halloween tape also glows in the dark, this will totally impress your kids & the guests at the party!

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