Craft That Party: 10 Minute Chevron Burlap Fall Wreath

Saturday, October 11, 2014

10 Minute Chevron Burlap Fall Wreath

I'm excited to partner with JAM Paper for this post. They provided the beautiful Kraft twine and chevron burlap ribbon so I could show you how to make a fall wreath in 10 minutes or less. No sewing or gluing necessary!

Chalkboard Flower clip ($2 at Michaels)


1. Staple edge of burlap ribbon to the back of your wreath. 

2. Wrap ribbon tightly around entire wreath, overlapping edges slightly. 

3. Staple the remaining edge of the ribbon to the back of the wreath when wrapping is complete.

4. Holding the orange and black twine together, staple ends to the back of wreath. Wrap twine around the wreath in an X pattern. Staple ends to wreath when finished. 

5. Add decorative flower. My chalkboard paper flower had a clip on the back, so I just clipped it right to the kraft twine. 

6. Cut 18" of burlap ribbon to hang the wreath from, or use a wreath hanger to hang on door. 

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  1. This wreath is genius Jenny! As much as I love burlap I had never thought to simply wrap it around a wreath. I've seen burlap wreaths where it was pinned on with a scrunched up look that I'm not always crazy about, but this one is so smooth and pretty. This would also look nice over a fireplace. Thanks for sharing :)


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