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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Craft It: FALL Letters

In case you missed my guest post on ediTORIal, here is the tutorial for my Fall Letters

I live on the East Coast, so our falls are filled with apple picking, pumpkin carving, and gorgeous fall foliage. It's still a little too early for our trees to be changing colors, so instead of leaves my boys gathered acorns from our big oak trees for this project. The beauty of this craft is that you can fill the letters with anything that is significant to you in the fall (colorful leaves, candy corn, pine cones, gourds, etc...).

Materials Needed:
  • 12" paper mache letters (My letters are from a unique vintage and industrial home decor Etsy shop called Third Shift. You must check it out, it's full of wonderful items!)
  • 4 blocks of Floral Foam
  • 2 bottles of Tacky Glue 
  • Acorns - It is recommended to dry out acorns before using them in crafts. Rinse acorns in water, lay on towel and let dry 1 hour. Throw out any acorns that are molding, decaying, or with holes. Bake acorns on a lined cookie sheet at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. Turn acorns every half hour. Remove from oven and let acorns cool for an hour on wire racks. For extra protection you can spray a clear coat of acrylic sealer on acorns if desired.
  • Scissors 

The process will look like the picture below. First we will cut open the letters, fill with floral foam, and then glue the acorns. 


1. Use scissors to cut along the edges of the paper mache letter. This is the most difficult part. Cut slowly and carefully. It's okay if you have some jagged edges, you can smooth them down later. 

2. Remove the cardboard front of the letter as well as the cardboard inside. Your letter should now be hollow. 

3. Cut your floral foam into 1" sections. Measure and carve the foam as needed to fit into your letter form. Glue foam inserts to the bottom of the letter. They don't have to be perfectly symmetrical or even, as you will be covering them in the next step. 

4. Using a generous amount of glue, attach acorns to the foam. Look for any gaps and fill in with extra acorns.

5. After glue dries 1-2 hours, check for any loose acorns. Re-glue any pieces that are not secure. 

6. Display anywhere that you need some fall inspiration!

We would love to know, what would you put inside your "FALL" letters?

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