Craft That Party: Pokémon Party: I Choose 7 years Old!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pokémon Party: I Choose 7 years Old!

It's fun to see a new generation of kids getting into Pokémon. It's a complex world of evolving characters, trainers, TV shows, and trading cards that have my kids enthralled. My son's best friend Luke turned 7 this summer and requested a Pokémon party. Finding party supplies for this theme was not as easy as current popular kid's themes (as this show is 20 years old!), but luckily my friends at Birthday Express, Wants and Wishes, and Creativities Galore were able to help me pull this party together.

I fell in love with the printable Pokémon party collection by Wishes and Wants and knew I needed it for this party-- my favorite printable was the Poké Ball with the birthday boy's name and  "I CHOOSE 7 YEARS OLD" it represents Pokémon perfectly!

I kept the desserts pretty simple for this party by adding Poké Ball cupcake toppers by Creativites Galore to store bought cupcakes and filling white buckets with brightly colored candies to represent the different types of "powers".  Lastly I created a backdrop made yellow paper plates stacked and glued together (paper plate backdrop inspired by my favorite party friends over at Piggy Bank Parties).

A HUGE thank you to my awesome vendors who helped me create this party!

Birthday Express: Pokemon party supplies, candy, plates, favors, costume
Wants and Wishes: Pokémon Printables
Creativities Galore: Pokémon Cupcake Toppers
Craft That Party: Styling & Photography

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  1. This looks amazing! I adore the backdrop too. It looks so festive but I feel like I could make one myself. It's funny because I grew up on this show and my nieces and nephews are too.


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