Craft That Party: Craft It: Cinco de Mayo Mexican Serape Bottle Covers

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Craft It: Cinco de Mayo Mexican Serape Bottle Covers

Today I making Mexican Serape Bottle Covers that can be used as beverage cozies, decorations, or place settings at your next fiesta.

glass bottle
various colors of crepe paper
glue stick


Step 1:
Measure and mark a 3" x 10" rectangle on a piece of paper and 1-3/4" circle in the middle, as shown. Cut out rectangle, fold in half on the dotted line and cut out circle.

Step 2:
Cut out approximately (10) 5" pieces of crepe paper in various festive colors. Gather all 10 pieces together, fold in half. Fringe by cutting slits into the crepe paper, leave the top 1" uncut.

Step 3:
Starting at the bottom, use a glue stick to glue crepe paper layers to the front of the serape. Leave overhanging ends unglued at this point. Stop your layers at the dotted middle line. Turn your serape over. Fold over the extra crepe paper and glue ends to the inside of your serape. Re-cut your middle circle through the crepe paper. When the glue is dry, place serape cover over a dry glass bottle.

Step 4:
Add a festive mustache to your glass bottle. Either print a mustache (using a free printable such as this one from Boutique From Design) or personalize it first by inserting text to mustache using an editing program such as PicMonkey. Print and attach mustache to the bottle with tape or glue dots. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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