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Monday, April 14, 2014

SPY Birthday Party

My little man loves to play "spy on the adults". We have to pretend we don't see his fingers or toes sticking out from under the table or hear his immense giggling while he hides behind doors. He thinks he is stealthy and sneaky and it's adorable.

One day, I causally mentioned that I found spy glasses. The kind that have mirrors on the inside so you can see behind you. He was hooked from that moment on. He was determined, this year was going to be a spy themed birthday party.

Luckily my Birthday Express friends know kids so very well and were already creating a new spy collection. The colors were perfect- vibrant, boyish, and playful. I decided to accent the silly masquerade side of the spy theme rather than the spy tools and weapons. The outcome was a super fun filled day of spy games, secret codes, costumes, and lots of laughter.

Party Theme: Secret Agent 6th Birthday Party
Party Colors: Black, Turquoise, Yellow, and Red
Party Highlights: TNT with digital timer, magnifying glass spy banner, secret agent badges, and briefcase favor boxes.
Dessert Highlights:  Custom cotton candy bags, chocolate covered Oreos with spy theme fondant toppers, and cake pop bombs topped with birthday candles.
Planned Party Activities: Finger scan check-in station, trip wires, invisible ink test, pass the bomb game, and a lesson in peg pen secret code.

Upon arrival, guests were fingerprinted using a free app called Finger Scan. Luckily all guests had clean records and received their badges and clearance to enter the party. 

The birthday boy looked especially handsome wearing his custom birthday shirt from Great Stitch. Brenda did an amazing job matching the shirt to our party theme and colors!

The truth serum (a.k.a. lemonade) was a super huge hit. The kids bravely drank it and then asked each other all sorts of funny questions to test how well the serum worked. 

Do and J of Piggy Bank Parties created the most UNBELIEVABLE banner I have ever, ever, ever seen!!! The panels were inspired by secret codes and circuit boards and could be put together like puzzle pieces. The magnifying glass had a transparent glass center and 3D fisheye letters that looked like they were being magnified. How they made this out of paper is beyond me. Again, they are AMAZING!!!!

Samantha's Sweets created cake pop bombs with real candles on top

Custom top secret cotton candy bags by Soiree Event Design were stashed alongside stolen passports and gold coins

I baked cupcakes using recipes from Jenny Keller's brand new book Eat More Dessert. They were extremely moist and delicious (most importantly simple to make). Glitter cupcake toppers were from Made By A Princess, they really added a WOW factor to the dessert table!

Maria of Love and Sugar Kisses made chocolate covered Oreos with spy themed fondant toppers. Just to warn you, if you ever come to one of my parties, you must RUN to the dessert table get one of these Oreos... they go FAST!

My nephew is twinsies with the Oreo

The trip wire challenge was super fun. I attached red yarn to the walls at various heights with painters tape. The kids had to maneuver through the wires and then head into the living room to find the hidden bombs.

Some kiddos went over...

Some went under... 

and 99% had their tongues sticking out - such serious concentration!

This was an activity that I had planned to do but ran out of time so I did it with my buggers the next day. You can make your own invisible ink by mixing 1/4 cup baking soda and water. Write secret messages using Q-Tips. When the message is dry and invisible, dab grape juice over the paper to reveal your message!

This game was called pass the bomb. I made TNT using red tissue paper, 3 paint rollers, electrical tape, and a digital timer. I set the timer and the kids passed the TNT. Whoever was holding the TNT when the timer went off was out. This game got very competitive!

This was another activity I had planned on doing but ran out of time, I wanted to teach the kids Pig Pen Secret Code. It's super simple and something they could do on their own for fun at home. 

I know always say this, but THIS is my favorite party theme to create! A HUGE thank you to my incredible vendors/friends for making this day so special:

Photography: Allison Duda of A. Joy Photography
Spy Party Supplies: Birthday Express
Printed Spy Graphics: Creative Loft Team
Glitter Cupcake Toppers: Made By A Princess
Chocolate Covered Oreos: Love and Sugar Kisses
Custom Labeled Cotton Candy: Soiree Event Design
Spy Banner: Piggy Bank Parties
Cake Pop BombsSamantha's Sweets
Spy T-Shirt: Great Stitch
Cupcakes, TNT, styling, some photos: me, Craft That Party

All photos are copyright to Craft That Party
Craft That Party is a proud partner with Birthday Express 

and as so recieves products for inclusion of products


  1. AMAZEBALLS! I heart your creativity so much. The TNT made out of paint rollers blows my mind. That is why I love you. Truth Serum, cake bombs??? When I see your parties, I always think to myself..."I would never have though of that!" APPLAUSE!!

  2. BRAVO, JPeg! Adore every detail and honored to be a small part of another special celebration in your family's life! oxox


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