Craft That Party: 5 Ways to Take Better Halloween Pictures {as featured on ediTORIal}

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Ways to Take Better Halloween Pictures {as featured on ediTORIal}

I recently shared these simple photo tips with Tori Spelling's readers, here is the re-post for anyone who might have missed seeing it on ediTORIal

My go-to photographer and friend Alli and I decided to test out our advice using our own kids. We brought 5 kids, 7 costumes, 3 props, 2 cameras, and 1 bag of M&Ms with us (the last item bought us an extra 15 minutes of smiles!).

1. DAYLIGHT. Night photography can be tricky. Rather than snapping a quick picture before your kids head out to trick or treat, take pictures ahead of time in natural daylight.

2. LEAN IN. Find a spot outside that would make an interesting backdrop, such as a brick wall, wood door, or a tree. Have the kids lean against it. This picture of my little Batman looks more dramatic leaning against this light pole than if I had just snapped a picture of him standing next to it.

3. HAVE FUN! Let the kids run, jump, and be silly. Let them act out their Halloween costume and capture some images of them having fun in character.

4. PROPS. Props make any photo shoot more fun. Our Superman hammed it up for the cameras once we brought out this bendable bar of steel and Alli was able to capture his priceless facial expressions.
Think about fun props like chalkboards, empty frames, balloons, or sunglasses.

5. CANDID PHOTOS. Another great way to photograph your kids in costumes is to capture some candid shots. Our kids love to dress up and we often find them napping, reading, or headed out to the grocery store in full costumes. These special moments make great pictures!

Happy Halloween and good luck with the picture taking! We hope you will share some of your favorite Halloween photos with us!

A very special thank you to Allison Duda from A Joy Photography and Costume Express for providing the costumes.


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  2. These are great! It would also work for superhero-themed parties. :) So cute!


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