Craft That Party: {Behind the Scenes} Neighborhood Carnival and Marquee Sign

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{Behind the Scenes} Neighborhood Carnival and Marquee Sign

So excited to share a behind the scenes look at a new project I am working on with Costume Express! They asked me to snap some candid shots of my kids and their friends wearing some fun costumes.  I knew we had the perfect event for this, our annual neighborhood carnival. Each year the kids create their own acts and invite their friends and neighbors over to watch.

With the help of some fabulous carnival party goodies, we transformed three backyards into a magical, fun afternoon for the kids- complete with the AMAZING talent show stage!

Shane, Director of Product Development took on the task of designing this amazing talent show marquee sign for us. He even put together eight instructional videos to show me how to put it together!

My official helper with the holes

Tabs snap in to hide the cords, almost complete (4 hours later!)

Finished and all lit up with plastic globe lights!!!!

Ta-da! We covered four wood pallets with two large pieces of wood to create the stage floor. We hung red curtains on two sets of curtain rods to create our backdrop. This was the perfect location for our show, one of our acts performed a bike trick in the alley and another act was a flying fairy on the tire swing! I'll be sharing more pictures of our talent show, carnival decorations, and games in another post!

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