Craft That Party: DIY Fish Photo Booth

Friday, May 3, 2013

DIY Fish Photo Booth

Last week I shared pictures of our Goldfish Party, this week I thought I would share some more party details. I worked with Piggy Bank Parties to create an adorable goldfish printable party collection. One of Do's fabulously fun ideas was to create a large poster of a fish swimming in a fish bowl that could be used for a photo booth. Not only was this a great activity, but made a terrific little surprise to tuck their photos into their thank you cards!

If you are wondering how to make this, it's super easy and inexpensive!

I printed a 20" x 30" enlargement of our printable file at Sam's Club. It was ready in an hour and cost less than $10! I used spray adhesive to mount the photo on to a piece of cardboard. I then cut out the hole for the face using an Exacto knife.

Helpful insider party tip, I had fun prizes ready for each child after they got their picture taken. It was great motivation to get everyone to show their fishiest faces for the camera!

Fish-In-A-Bag Soaps made great prizes!

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