Craft That Party: Sneak Peek at our "O-Fish-Ally Five" Party Invitation

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sneak Peek at our "O-Fish-Ally Five" Party Invitation

It's hard to believe this little man is about to turn 5. 
Here is a picture from his 3rd birthday

For his 3rd birthday, we had an April Showers party...

For his 4th birthday, a mail party...

For his 5th birthday, the theme will be 
O-Fish-Ally FIVE!

Here is a sneak peek at the invitation designed by Piggy Bank Parties.

It's 3D! See how the fish and bubbles jump out?!!!

and here's a sneak at the backdrop...

I am o-fish-ally excited for this party!


  1. 1) Do & J are amazing and that invitation is so sweet!
    2) There is no way it's been a year since the Mailman party.
    3) There is NO WAY it's been 2 years since the April Showers party.


  2. We named the lil' goldfish...Noah! I'm o-FISH-ally excited, too! ♥ Thanks again for asking us to be a part of the lil' Bugger's special day!

  3. Impressive....especially knowing this is only the tip of fish bowl on this party! Do you still need fish bowls, speaking of??!?!?

  4. Cant wait to see it! So jealous that you're already done with the backdrop

  5. Oh goodie, I've been waiting to see all your Pinterest ideas come to fruition! I'll be here, on the edge of my seat. :)

    Lisa Frank


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