Craft That Party: MOO MiniCards & 100 FREE Etsy minicards!

Friday, January 4, 2013

MOO MiniCards & 100 FREE Etsy minicards!

I have a huge crush on Moo MiniCards. While getting my Pittsburgh Ambush Makeover, I was paying more attention to their adorable business cards than my hair. HALF the size of a regular business card (2.75" x 1.10"). I knew I had to order these! My little peg shop needs little business cards!

MOO offers many printing options from the minis, to regular size business cards, stickers, greeting cards, labels, and stickers. There are pre-designed options or you can create your own.

Right now there is a great deal going on for Etsy Shop owners!!! Get 100 cards F R E E from Etsy & Moo right now (just pay shipping!). Visit here for details!

Here are some of the fun designs Moo Cards offers, rounded edges:

Facebook Cards

As an extra fun bonus, follow this link and you will receive 10% off your first order!

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